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All the products, services and offers of Lab 3D are made exclusively on the basis of these terms and conditions. Even if they are not expressly agreed, by ordering the goods or services from Lab 3D, these conditions are considered as accepted. General conditions of purchase of the buyer is hereby contradicted. Changes from these terms and conditions are only effective if Lab 3D confirms in writing.

Products are available for as long as they can be found throughthe online shop and/or while stocks last.

°1 Product and price
Product images used for advertising, brochures, the online shop etc. are for illustration purposes only and are not binding.
Product information available through the online shop is compiled to be as customer-friendly as possible but is not binding. Information provided by the manufacturer (e.g. manufacturer warranty) applies, provided that it is valid in Switzerland.

All prices quoted are net, in Swiss Francs, include value added tax (VAT) and, where applicable, include an advance recycling contribution, packaging costs and delivery costs for the stated delivery time as well as any additional charges and costs

°2 Conclusion of the Contract

Products and prices stated in the online shop are deemed to constitute offers. However, these offers are always subject to the inability to deliver or incorrect price quotations, both of which lead to contract cancellation.

A contract for products or services from Lab 3D shall be deemed concluded with Lab 3D as soon as an order has been placed by the customer in the online shop, at our office/ store, by telephone or e-mail.

The receipt of the automatically generated order confirmation through our online platform does not constitute a commitment that the product will be delivered. It only notifies the customer that the placed order was received by the online shop and a contract was therefore concluded with Lab 3D under condition of deliverability and correct price quotation.

°3 Customer obligation to inspect products

Customers are obliged to immediately inspect the delivered or collected products for correctness, completeness and potential transport damage.

If the delivery is carried out by a service partner, the customer must state the defect on the delivery note.

The customer shall inform Lab 3D of any defects, or false or incomplete deliveries, immediately after detection thereof and within two calendar days after receipt of the delivery/collection at the latest via email to support@lab3d-store.ch The customer must retain the product in the condition it was delivered in and may not use it.

°4 Delivery Times & Availability

Lab 3D is committed to providing up-to-date and precise information on availability and delivery times in the online shop. However, production and delivery shortages in particular may cause delivery delays. Therefore, all information on availability and delivery times is subject to change.

°5 Warranty

Lab 3D provides a warranty for each brand-new Electrical device purchased by the end-use purchaser and properly documented with proof of purchase for a period of twenty four (24) months for “Swiss” Private customers and for “Swiss” Companies from the date of the original purchase. 

Lab 3D provides a warranty for each brand-new Electrical device purchased by the end-use purchaser and properly documented with proof of purchase for a period of twenty four (24) months for “EU” Private customers and Twelve Months (12 Months) for “EU” Companies from the date of the original purchase. 

The Lab 3D Warranty only covers damages resulting from defects in material and workmanship of the sold device. The Lab 3D Warranty does not apply:

(a)  to damages resulting from external factors, such as mechanical damages, damages caused by atmo- spheric phenomena, pollution, flooding, moisture, and condensation of water vapor.

(b)  to damages caused by lightning and improper power supply voltage.

(c)  to damages caused by service or modifications performed with out prior confirmation from Lab 3D, by modifications to the device’s firmware, or by improper use of the device.

(d)  to consumable parts which require periodic replacement, such as perforated plate, nozzle, hotend, storage media, extruder fans, spool holder, heater and thermocouple, Belts, extruder, glue, filaments, enclosed batteries , rechargeable batteries, wiring and accessories.

(e)To consumable parts which require periodic replacement, such as LCD screen, LEDs, air filter, FEP film, wiring and accessories.

(f) To consumables and accessories which require periodic replacement, such as platform or accessories for suspending 3D prints.

(g) Consumables, such as hot end(s), nozzle(s), fan cover(s), build surface, build plate(s) or top cover(s) or other items that are expended in the normal operation of the printer.

(h) For material and non-material damage resulting from failure to follow safety instructions provided in the User Guide (including required annual maintenance service). Operation of the device without a valid service is at the user’s risk and responsibility.

(i)  To damages caused by improper actions connected with standard operation (including cleaning, maintenance, replacement of consumable parts, packing/unpacking of the Product, replacement of cartridges) which should be conducted according to the instructions provided by Lab 3D or the manufacturer.

(j) To damages resulting from operation beyond the admitted parameters of storage and work environment (hazardous substances and radiation included).

(k) To damages caused by service performed by a non-Lab 3d representative.

(l) To damages resulting from the use improperly installed third-party consumables, or other than those recommended by Lab 3D.

(m) If operating or maintenance instructions are not followed, changes, parts exchanged or consumables used which do not meet the original specifications.

*Warranty claims against Lab 3D only through the direct buyer and are not transferable.

Assistance on products under warranty will be provided upon presentation of proof of purchase, to be provided by showing the sales receipt or invoice in original. First the request should be made only by email to support@lab3d-store.ch and only after the written approval by the Lab 3D you can ship the Product to us. Lab 3D will not take the responsibility fr any products shipped to us without written prior approval from the Lab 3D.

Lab 3D require the customer to provide detailed information along with the claim (including the proof of purchase, the serial number, a description of the issue with photos and/or videos, contact details and other information) so that the Technical Service Specialists can properly process the claim and identify the Product. You may also be requested to follow Lab 3D’s procedures facilitating the diagnosis of the issue or its completion.

The device should be delivered or shipped to the service center in packing that will reduce the risk of damages during transportation (Only in Original package).

During the warranty service the contents of the storage media may be deleted, replaced, or formatted. Therefore, it is recommended to create a separate backup copy of the contents and data. Lab 3D does not take the responsibility of the content of the machine and any external storage devices.

When a Product or its replacement part is replaced, any replacement item becomes your/ customers property and the replaced item becomes Lab 3D’s property.

The Customer Brings or sends the defected products to us by their own cost. If the products is coved under the warranty conditions we will repair and send it on our own cost. If not the relevant costs of maintenance, servicing, spare parts and shipment will be charged from the customer.

In the case of an unjustified warranty claim, Lab 3D has the right to charge the claimant with the costs of servicing, spare parts and shipment. In such case, the claimant will be informed of the costs of servicing, Spare parts and shipment and Lab 3D will repair the device once the claimant accepts all costs.

Lab 3D is not responsible for any loss of profits and other civil consequences caused by the faulty device. This particularly applies to: loss of income, profit, probable profit, loss of data, information, or damage of storage media.

Lab 3D is not responsible for violating any copyrights by the users of the device.

In case of a repair, the overall product warranty time will not be extended.

If a right to repair is granted does not mean any refunds or discounts.

If you seek service in a country outside Switzerland, you will comply with all applicable import and export laws and regulations and be responsible for all custom duties, V.A.T. and other associated taxes and charges. The above conditions also apply if you seek service within Switzerland but due to the complexity of the service if Lab 3D requires Sending the product to the manufacturer.

°6 Return and refund of products bought in our shop/ office or online

You can return the products within 2 days from the the purchase date.

The cost of the shipping of the return product is bared by the customer.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the following:

  • Damaged products.
  • Products that are not in their original packaging.
  • Products that do not include all accessories.
  • Electronic software licenses.
  • Filaments that are opened from the package.
  • Filaments that are used.
  • Resins which are open from the package.
  • Resins that are used.
  • 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, post processing Devices and other electrical devices which does not fulfil the Warranty regulations mentioned above.
  • Spare parts that are used.

Before providing with a full or partial refund; the Product needs to be shipped to the LAB 3D sagl under the approval of the LAB 3D sagl. A written request needs to be made via email to store@lab3d-store.ch with the copy of the proof of purchase . Only after receiving the confirmation from LAB 3D sagl you can send the Product to us. Please note that you are obliged to inform LAB 3D any tracking numbers or shipping details in advance.

LAB 3D sagl have the right to check the returned product, do required testing before deciding to provide with any partial or full refund.

*Full refund is given only if the product is in its sealed, undamaged original packaging. 

°7 Support

Lab 3D Sagl provides fee lifetime support for the products we sell via the online support form. We try our best to reply to your questions within 2 working days. 

We highly recommend to study the operating or maintenance instructions which is available in the manufacturers web site or to follow an online or on site course we provide as an extra service, which will will help you to Save time by allowing you to start using the machines quickly and will Know what to do if something goes wrong.

The free lifetime support does not include telephone assistance or onsite visits.

 If you require additional support please check out of support packages available for additional cost.

°8 Right of revocation
Swiss law does not provide for a revocation deadline or any another return policy, after you have submitted your order. Lab 3D still grant you 12 hours of withdrawal, after you have ordered, provided your order has not been shipped to you yet.

°9 Installation & Training(Additional Service)

Installation includes the unpacking and installing of the ordered product. It does not include the taking back of packaging. (We encourage to keep the original packing for warrenty purposes)
The Items needs to be placed in the relevant position where the training and the installation will be carried on.
The raining will be carried our in English or in Italian.
This is an additional expense and the cost are listed separately in our web site.

°10 Payment

Lab 3D claims all payments for products and services purchased on the Lab 3D online shops directly from the customer. The customer acknowledges this cession and is obliged to make payments to Lab 3D only. The cash payments are only possible in-store collection.
In case of prepayment, delivery is made only after receipt of the payment. Lab 3D can not gurantee prompt delivery for products which the payment delayed.

°11 Ownership
All ordered products remain the property of Lab 3D until payment is received in full. Lab 3D is entitled to make an entry in the register for reservation of ownership. Without the express consent of Lab 3D , no pledging, transferring of security, processing or modification is permitted prior to transfer of ownership.

°12 Limitation of responsibility
Except for cases specified in this Warranty or as limited by the common law Lab 3D will not be held responsible for direct, intentional, incidental or consequential damages caused by violating the Lab 3D Limited Warranty or other conditions or legal theories, including but not limited to loss of utility, loss or damage of data, loss of revenue, loss of actual or probable profit (including loss of profits from contracts), loss of the use of money, loss of probable savings, loss of business, loss of possibilities, loss of the value, loss of reputation or any other indirect or consequential losses or damages caused by replacement of the Product or property, including the costs of reformatting or restoring any data stored or used with the Product.

The above limitation of responsibility does not apply to claims concerning death or personal injuries or to statutory responsibility for intended actions and neglect and/or fault on part. Some legal systems do not concede excluding or limiting incidental or consequential damages, therefore, in the scope of those systems the above mentioned limitations of this Warranty may not apply to the End user.

Final statements
If any of the statements is to be considered illegal or impossible to execute by law, it shall be excluded from this Warranty without violating the remaining statements.
No party other than Lab 3D shall be authorised to alter, expand and supplement the following Terms and conditions.
Lab 3D reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The version of the General Terms and Conditions valid at the time of order placement applies and may not be changed unilaterally for the respective order. Adverse or conflicting terms of the customer will not be recognised.